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Paul Casi Featured in Emergency Physicians Monthly

On December 30, 2014, Paul A. Casi, II was featured in Emergency Physicians Monthly, where he participated in a discussion of mid-level medical providers, like physician assistants and nurse practitioners, who have been playing an increasingly prevalent role in emergency medical care. Paul A. Casi, II was one of four participants brought together to discuss this important issue.

During the discussion, crucial topics were brought up regarding the level of care provided by mid-level providers, or MLPs. One speaker suggested that mid-level providers are handling as much as 30% of emergency medical cases, bringing about the question of whether they are qualified and able to provide the same care as physicians, and whether they are being properly supervised.

Paul A. Casi, II, with his legal experience, was able to offer insight from a legal standpoint. He answered questions related to whether patients may face an increased legal risk when receiving treatment from mid-level providers, and whether they should be informed (and in what way) that they are receiving treatment from someone who is not a physician. He addressed varying state requirements and brought up the myriad of issues that would need to be addressed in a case involving substandard care provided by a mid-level provider.

This discussion is just one example of the many areas in which Paul A. Casi, II has been invited to speak, due to his experience with complex medical malpractice lawsuits. He has been practicing in this field for more than 23 years and has significant experience with these particular cases and the many technical/medical issues that may arise.

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