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Truck Accidents Are Different

A fully loaded truck will often weigh 80,000 lbs or 40 tons. When one of those vehicles is in an accident at 60 miles an hour with a vehicle often weighing a small fraction of that the results are often much more catastrophic than a typical accident between other motor vehicles.

Also when you are in an automobile accident with a truck involved, you are dealing with a professional driver, who is trained, whose industry is regulated, and whose truck is required to be maintained. As professionals, and due to the often severe nature of truck accidents, they have specific requirements that they have to meet.

The Trucking Industry Defense Association will have a team of people working on their side of your case almost immediately after an accident. They will be gathering physical evidence and will be constructing their case right away.

Since truck accidents are typically more severe than other moving vehicle accidents, have more complex regulations, and often have a team of professionals working on the trucking company’s side of the case almost immediately, it is important that you get someone with specific trucking industry expertise on YOUR side.

Our Louisville truck accident lawyers have over 34 years of combined legal experience. We believe in using this experience to protect the rights of our clients, particularly in complex trucking accident claims and lawsuits. You may be up against considerable odds, but we are here to level the playing field so your rights and interests are properly represented. We are here to fight for fair compensation on your behalf.

If you have been injured in a vehicle accident and a truck is involved, give us a call today.